Combatting Slow Page Growth: What to Do When Free Likes Aren’t Cutting It

If you have been on the internet lately, you have likely found yourself on a social media platform of some sort. Whether it was Facebook or Twitter or SnapChat, these pages are everywhere and there are millions of different users that choose to frequent their accounts every day. If you find that your accounts are lagging in the number of free followers and free likes that they are achieving on a daily basis, it is important to consider the different options that you have to make that page grow more quickly.

There are several different options that you can use to grow your account. Among them is actually purchasing a product or service that drives traffic to your account or gives you a particular result. For instance, it is possible that you can actually purchase likes and followers, rather than waiting on them. This is important because it gives you an actual result, rather than having to wait on it organically. You can also choose to buy advertisements and other features that will drive people to your page. These paid options will cost but they can also be very beneficial, too, in their impact.

Buying Can Solve Problems: Instagram Video Views

There are times in a business where a lot of energy is put into a particular marketing tool. Whether it is thousands on a large billboard or a fancy and flashy commercial, these are thrown out there into the world for mass consumption. Even with the most money and great ideas, these ideas can fall flat and not get the response that was desired. With the growth of internet marketing through sites like Instagram, though, there are ways to not only get a reaction but have that reaction guaranteed.

It may sound too good to be true but with a well-crafted and focused account on Instagram, individuals can get a great and solid following. If a post falls flat, though, there are purchasable services that can help in giving a response. It is possible through many different providers to by Instagram video views and picture responses for a nominal fee. These purchased Instagram views services guarantee that a picture, post, or video will be seen by hundreds to thousands of people, depending on how many views are purchased. For those that want to make sure they get a guaranteed result, then, this is the site and the service to include in a marketing scheme.

Periscope Followers and Business: Know Your Niche

If you are using Periscope in order to upload your videos or to do live broadcasts, then you are likely going to be confronted with a lot of ideas and a lot of considerations. If you are new to the site, these different decisions can become overwhelming and confusing. Therefore, those that want to be a part of this page and this location should realize that they are a part of a larger network and they must stand out in this larger group. As such, they should be sure that they focus their attentions on creating their own niche.

A niche is a certain area of the social media world that is their best chance of mastering. For instance, a business that is focusing on promoting and selling hardware parts and pieces should know that their niche is tools and technologies related to this type of work. By mastering and highlighting a niche market, a page is more likely to attract Periscope followers who connect with that niche. Those that are interested in this type of subject matter, too, and who are interested in the content provided are more likely to be a targeted audience as well because they are already showing that they are interested. As such, they are more likely to convert to consumers and purchasers of services in the long run.

SnapChat: Snap Your Way to Profits

When it comes to SnapChat, many times businesses shy away from this social media platform. They see it more as a chance for individuals to connect rather than for businesses to connect with consumers and potential customers. By ignoring this avenue of social media presence, however, businesses are missing a great opportunity to increase their notoriety, name recognition, brand awareness, and their overall connections with their audience. They are also missing the opportunity to convert those SnapChat views into profits.

Every one of the SnapChat views that are happening from your posts are reaching a potential customer. Every view is, then, the chance to share something about your business that will motivate said viewer to buy from you. The fact that these posts can get noticed so quickly, be shared so easily, and can connect with thousands of individuals, then, should only be seen as a positive for your business. Share the right stuff and consider yourself on the road to building a more profitable business.

How Free Likes And Followers Can Help You Market Your Online Business

With the current advancements of information technology in the current days, the world of online businesses has mad very tremendous strides in terms of development and growth as well. However, one thing has proved to be quite contentious for most online business owners in the world; marketing. Marketing and online business is not all that easy as it is the case with other kind of businesses. Nonetheless, most owners have found a solution in social media marketing as more and more people across the world continue to join these social media networks.

For the social media marketing approach to work effectively, it is imperative that the particular social media account being used gets to have a high traffic and viewership numbers and this actually implies that one should have as many likes and followers as possible. But as it has been the case, getting this numbers high in good time is not all that easy and that is why individuals have been compelled to shop for free likes and free followers for their respective accounts to ensure that they are well exposed to a huge audience and more and more people will get word on the business advertisements.


Flipagram Likes Through Contests

Flipagram is a page that craves interaction. Those that are interested in building their following should know that social media is just that: social. That means that those that post on their page and those that create an account should understand that there is a desire on the part of those who follow a page to find something worth interacting with. Unfortunately, content can get lost in the fray and those pages that blend in are less likely to acquire Flipagram likes when compared with those that are providing interesting and innovative options for their followers. Therefore, it can be important to spice things up and make things interesting by providing some new content themes.

One of the ways that a page can acquire Flipagram likes is through the use of contests. Contests on slideshow or media posts can get people talking and drive them to want to give their like to the page. It also allows individual pages to stand out by creating an incentive to provide a like or demonstrate interest in a page. Contests do not have to be elaborate and prizes need not be expensive. Fans love the opportunity to interact in some way and any payoff can drive a tremendous amount of interaction and interest. This interest, too, can motivate others to become involved. So, those interested should consider this when building their fan base.


I am pretty sure that most of you are well conversant with twitter, one of the world’s biggest social media networks with billions of users and its primary purpose being to promote and harness interaction, socializing and even interlinking of different people from all walks of life across the world. However, has it dawned upon you that you can actually make good use of your account to make money? Well, if you are business oriented and you would want to make that extra dollar, don’t hesitate venturing into social media marketing which is a freelancing gig that can fetch you some good money.

With that said, for this gig to be successful, you will need to have very high numbers of twitter followers. You need a huge following so that you can expose the business to a wide audience out there. Did you know that you can now purchase twitter followers for your account? In as much as it may seem very bizarre, it is a very nice and effective way for you to realize many followers for your twitter account. As a result, you would be in a better position to pitch for social media marketing gigs and be on your way to make quick and easy money.

Can All The Users Use Twitter Polls?

Yes, all the uses on this social media platform can now make use of the Twitter polls feature. Currently, this is actually one of the most effective ways of running polls online and offers a great opportunity for brands and companies to lean what their customers have to say about a certain aspect of their businesses. All the users on the Twitter social media platform now have an opportunity to compose a four-option poll and use it to gather votes from other Twitter users.

Basically, these twitter polls are a native feature and only allow the owners of the polls to collect views from their audience on the platform. The fact that these polls are native implies that they are directly emended on the tweets by the user, rather than requiring for the use of a Twitter Card.

If you are currently looking for the opinions of the general public regarding a certain matter and you need the response ion the shortest time possible, these polls are the best way to go.

Twitter polls have literally turned into the biggest avenue through which one can get the opinion of the general public overnight. They have become so big that even big companies are using them to get the opinion of the general public.As usual, there have been both opposers and proposers to the polls. Granted, it is quite a new concept and some people might need quite some amount of time to get adjusted to it but are they really that bad? Let us explore and see.

The objectivity of these polls is one of the factors that have faced sharp criticism.Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion and they are allowed to voice it. However, it is always important to look at all sides of the story before a conclusion is made. Those arguing against these polls are of the opinion that there is no way that the polls can be objective due to the people that participate in the polls. They say that the people who normally participate in the polls are usually some hot heads just looking to get their visibility and their voices heard on twitter. They normally do not care about what they say or how it will sound and they rarely have nay background information to support whichever opinion they have. Granted, that this is their opinion and they are entitled to it.

Let us look at the situation objectively though. The truth is that social media is huge in the world today and it has transcended all colors, classes, races, ages and creed. It is no longer a reserve of idlers with nothing better to do than waste time on the internet. It is no longer full of people with nothing meaningful to say. It is important to say that social media, particularly twitter, has become a great source of information in the world oftoday. Many learned and educated people are actually looking to twitter to get information on the latest happenings all over the world. This is mostly due to the fact that they maintain such busy schedules that they never get the chance to get home in time to watch the news. Their busy schedules are also a great hindrance to them getting the time to sit down with friends to have a meaningful conversation on eh happenings in the world and them getting the chance to voice their opinion. These twitter polls provide them with this avenue.

It is a fact that cannot be denied that they are a great number of hot heads on twitter that are looking to get popular overnight and will do juts anything to achieve this popularity. Be sure though that this makes a very small percentage of the twitter crowd. The majority of the twitter crowd comprises of mature well educated people that have gotten a convenient and easy avenue through which they get to be updated on all the latest happenings all over the world and they also get to voice their opinion on the same. Since they form the majority, we can be sure that the participants in these polls have worthy opinions to voice.

Stay in touch with family on SnapChat! And make new friends!

You’re busy…we get it…you work all week and you spend your weekends reconnecting with your family and friends. You’re too tired to spend hours online replying to endless posts on social media sites.

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Make SnapChat your new art gallery..the world is your canvas!

Are you an artist looking for an easy way to promote your latest artwork? Have you tried SnapChat? It’s so easy you will kick yourself for not discovering it sooner!

Simply post snaps. or pictures, of your latest artwork and you will start getting views within minutes. More views means more SnapChat Followers. More followers means more exposure. You can promote your next gallery exhibit…your artwork could be seen worldwide. You could even post short snippets and videos of your event!

it’s totally free so what better way to promote your artwork? Whether your venue, you will be able to connect with fans and other artists worldwide! You can both sell and promote your work for all of your SnapChat Followers to see. The increased exposure will get you even more followers and you can sit back and watch your career take off in a matter of moments! So sign up today and start gaining SnapChat followers! Why are you waiting..the world is your canvas!

How SnapChat is taking the business world by storm and Followers can Help

SnapChat isn’t just a place for teens and tweens to post cutesy pictures and sayings for their friends. It’s also a viable marketing strategy for businesses. Business owners can post snaps, or photos, to promote their product or service. They can also use “stories” or a series of snaps to market their brand and make a name for themselves. The stories will get viewed by SnapChat users who will then become SnapChat Followers and potential clients.

Another innovative way to use SnapChat is to promote exclusive content on SnapChat only…a lot of big name brands and designers are taking advantage of premiering new lines and products via this avenue so SnapChat account holders will get the exclusive. Private “screenings” of new products and services for SnapChat users only will help increase your marketability and make you part of the elite.

You can also offer limited and exclusive promotions and contests via Snapchat only to keep your users actively engaged. The more you do with your account, the more users will be drawn to your SnapChat page and you can watch your customer base multiply like magic, boosting your sales and profits by leaps and bounds!


How SnapChat can help you connect with the world around you

With so many social media sites today, you may not be able to keep up. It’s tiresome to keep thinking of cute and creative statutes and not everyone has time to devote to multiple social media sites.

SnapChat is a fun and innovative way to stay in touch, especially if you are a photo enthusiasts. All you have to do is post a “snap” or picture, which will remain active for a brief period of time, or a “story” which is a series of snaps, which can remain active for up to 24 hours. It’s a fun way to stay in touch with friends and to make new connections as well…worldwide.

As soon as you start getting a lot of views for your snaps or stories, your page will start to accumulate SnapChat Followers, which will help you gain popularity. SnapChat has over 100 million active users. Imagine your individual snaps and stories being viewed by millions of users worldwide! It’s a fun way to make new friends. Your followers can reply back with a comment or snap of their own. It’s such a simple, yet ingenious way to stay connected. So check it out today and start posting those snaps!

The Don’ts of Social Media: What Can Break Your Twitter Likes

If you are using profanity on your social media page, you are going to isolate not only some of your users but may get your account deactivated. Of course, if you are a business that prides yourself on edginess, there may be something to be said for this strategy. But, you need to know that you are likely to lose as much as you gained as negativity can spread around the use of foul language.

Further, unless you are a political page, you may wish to stay out of taking a stance unless you know your audience will agree. This is especially true for businesses who want to get those Twitter likes and followers and turn them into something amazing: real customers. If you become too political or state controversial opinions, that is okay but it may isolate and ignore a large segment of potential customers and that can hurt your profitability and bottom line. Other pages do not have to worry about this, especially if they are individual pages, because they are not looking to sell a product. But, if you are, this is the quickest way to lose them when you comment on something that is irrelevant to the brand and that creates more controversy that is unrelated to the products themselves.

So You Want to Build a Following: The Battler for Twitter Likes

You are never going to function in a vacuum. This is especially true in the business world. Not only do you have customers to attest to and services to provide them, but, you also have numerous different competitors that are likely going to fight for your audience’s attention. If you do not pay attention to them, then, you are setting yourself up for problems. After all, there is a lot to be learned from these competitors and pretending that they aren’t there will not erase them or their vivaciousness online.

For instance, if you are on Twitter, then, you are going to have to deal with similar audiences. What this means is that the people that like your page may also be interested in your competitors. It is your job to prove to them why you are better and earn their respect, feedback, and those all-important Twitter likes. If you are striving for this response from them, then, you need to make sure that you know what is driving the likes on your competitors’ pages. If they are getting a response that you like and want, see what they are doing and try to utilize it to create a similar—albeit your own—response on your page.