The Don’ts of Social Media: What Can Break Your Twitter Likes

News 11:02 February 2024:

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If you are using profanity on your social media page, you are going to isolate not only some of your users but may get your account deactivated. Of course, if you are a business that prides yourself on edginess, there may be something to be said for this strategy. But, you need to know that you are likely to lose as much as you gained as negativity can spread around the use of foul language.

Further, unless you are a political page, you may wish to stay out of taking a stance unless you know your audience will agree. This is especially true for businesses who want to get those Twitter likes and followers and turn them into something amazing: real customers. If you become too political or state controversial opinions, that is okay but it may isolate and ignore a large segment of potential customers and that can hurt your profitability and bottom line. Other pages do not have to worry about this, especially if they are individual pages, because they are not looking to sell a product. But, if you are, this is the quickest way to lose them when you comment on something that is irrelevant to the brand and that creates more controversy that is unrelated to the products themselves.